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this is the The office management manual Financial Management Training Module that will show you how to manage your business and also your management. This office management manual will explain many thinks that related to management such as Managing People and Processes .Writing a Procedure or Process Statement .,process statement, Personnel Management , Prioritization of Work for Managers and Supervisors and much more. this ebook will explain the details. When considering how to make an organization work more efficiently and effectively, it is critical to understand the purpose of that organization. Knowing the mission and having a vision for your LA will help you to stay focused on the purpose of the organization. Many organizations develop Mission Statements that describe what the organization is supposed to do. A Vision Statement describes how the leaders of that organization wish to be described, such as ”Superior service that’s responsive and cost justified”, or “The best Local Authority in Sri Lanka”. These may sound similar but they are not. One describes the responsibilities of the organization and the other describes a qualitative state that the organization aspires to. Organizations also develop Value Statements that list qualities that are important in achieving the mission and vision of the organization.

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