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777 Flight Crew Training Manual Pdf The plane models noted in the table listed below are covered in this Air travel Crew Educating Handbook Model numbers are used to differentiate details peculiar to one or more, yet not all the aircrafts. Where info puts on all models, no recommendation is made to individual version numbers.If information is applicable to consecutively numbered designs, a dash (--) is used in the model designator As an example, if details is applicable to 777-200 and also 777-200LR and 777-300 designs, yet not the 777-300ER, the model designator will show 777-200-- 777-300. If information is applicable to models that are not back to back numbered, a comma (,) is utilized in the design designator. For instance, if info applies to only 777-200 as well as 777-300ER versions, the design designator will show 777-200, 777-300ER. Right now there is no requirement for a distinct model designator for the 777-200ER or the 777 Truck. All details that applies for the 777-200 likewise puts on the 777-200ER. All information that is applicable for the 777-200LR additionally applies to the 777 Freighter, except as noted in the content. If in the future, a need for a 777-200ER or a 777 Truck designator comes to be needed, it will be included

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