Aircraft Airbus A320/321 Flight Crew Training Manual Pdf

Aircraft Airbus A320/321 Flight Crew Training Manual Pdf The Air travel Staff Training Guidebook is released as a supplement to the Flight Crew Operating Handbook as well as is designed to give pilots with practical information on the best ways to run the Plane plane. It must read in conjunction with the FCOM. When it comes to any kind of conflict, the FCOM is the over using authority.Airline training plan may differ in particular areas. Should this be the case, the airline company training plan is the over-riding authority The Airbus cockpit is designed to accomplish aviator operational needs throughout the plane operating atmosphere, while guaranteeing maximum commonality within the Fly by Wire family.The cabin layout objectives are driven by 3 requirements Reinforce the safety of flight Improve performance of flight Response aviator demands in a continually changing atmosphere Plane operational policies arise from the layout concept, more particularly from the adhering to systems: The Fly by cable system with its control laws and also securities, commanded with the side stick

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