Gliding Federation of Australia A, B & C Certificate Handbook

Gliding Federation of Australia A, B & C Certificate Handbook Moving in Australia undergoes the Civil Aviation Act 1988, Civil Air travel Laws 1988, Civil Air travel Security Laws 1998 and other pertinent Legislation as amended once in a while. Specific exceptions from the arrangements of the Civil Aviation Rules 1988 have actually been given to participants of the GFA using Civil Aviation Orders 95.4 and also 95.4.1. Where exemptions exist, the techniques taken on by GFA are outlined in the GFA Operational Rules approved by CASA. For all other functional procedures describe the GFA Handbook of Standard operating procedure (MOSP) Part 2 (Operations) approved by the GFA Board. Once published, this is an uncontrolled variation of the handbook which will certainly not be updated by GFA The operational features of the GFA depend on a solid club-based structure. Each club has functional control of its participants via its Workflow or Training Panel. The A, B & C certifications give the certainty of appropriate follow-up training after first solo. That is their key feature. They also supply the basic certifications for mutual traveling (B certification) and carriage of private passengers and/or cross-country flying

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