Caterpillar 3056 Engine Built Machines Testing and Adjusting Manual

Caterpillar 3056 Engine Built Machines Testing and Adjusting Manual is now available to download for all the owners of Caterpillar 3056 Engine who want to try to adjusting or testing the engine to know more better about performance. We sure that you will take many benefits after you download and read this manual.If the valve lash requires adjustment several times in a short period of time, excessive wear exists in a different part of the engine. Find the problem and make necessary repairs in order to prevent more damage to the engine.Not enough valve lash can be the cause of rapid wear of the camshaft and valve lifters. Not enough valve lash can indicate that the seats for the valves are worn.An adjustment is NOT NECESSARY if the measurement of the valve lash is in the acceptable range. Check the valve lash while the engine is stopped. The temperature of the engine does not change the valve lash setting. If the measurement is not within the acceptable clearance, adjustment is necessary. Refer to "Valve Lash Adjustment"

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