Intermediate Value Theorem for Polynomials

Intermediate Value Theorem for Polynomials Now, because we know that this answer is a root (because we have simply multiplied out two factors) we can divide this into the given polynomial to find the last roots of the equation The sign change occurs between the values 2.09 and 2.1 but since we need to round to the nearest tenth, an approximation to the zero is f(2.1) = 0.1 Notes Algebra III / Trigonometry: Intermediate Value Theorem for Polynomials, and Using Conjugate roots to solve equations Intermediate Value Theorem for Polynomials:Let “f” be a polynomial with real coefficients. If f(a) and f(b) have opposite signs, then there exists at least one value “c” between “a” and “b” for which f(c) = 0 (a root for the equation

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