System Requirements for 2013 - 2014 Carnegie Learning Software

System Requirements for 2013 - 201 4 Carnegie Learning Software will give you the complete information about the system that you want to use for your 2013 - 2014 Carnegie Learning Software. Carnegie Learning Software requires reliable broadband Internet access to Carnegie Learning Software server The initial software launch requires a 7MB download that is stored in the user’s local Java cache Wireless Connection When using a wireless network, no more than 25-30 computers should be connecting to a single wireless access point at one time.For Capacity Planning For up to 50 concurrent student users, allocate a minimum of 1Mbps Internet bandwidth total.Beyond 50 concurrent student users, allocate an additional 16kbps per user.Bandwidth intensive activities such as streaming video, audio downloads, VoIP, and database backups can affect performance of Carnegie Learning Software. Packet shaping and network traffic prioritizing techniques on heavily trafficked networks can improve performance

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