Industrial Electronics n2 Question Paper

Industrial Electronics n2 Question Paper Answer ALL the questions. Read ALL the questions carefully. Number the answers correctly according to th numbering system used in this question paper. Keep sub-sections of questions together. Rule off across the page on completion of each question. Use only IEC symbols and units throughout. ALL sketches must be neat, using a pencil and a ruler, NOT freehand. NO red.or green ink may be used. Use 11 as 3.142 and NOT as ' 10. Write neatly and legibly.ndicate whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Choose the answer and write only 'true' or ‘false' next to the question number (1.1 — 1.10) in the ANSWER BOOK. decibel is one tenth of abel. synchro system is the electrical equivalent of mechanical transfer of information over a long distance. The voltmeter must always be connected in parallel with the load.The resistance of the NTC thermistors decreases as the temperature increases. The common emitter amplifier has a 1800 phase shift.The mid-ordinate rule is used to calculate the RMS values of sinusoidal wave forms. The sum of the currents flowing towards a point is equal to the sum of the currents flowing away from the same point. Electrons on the outer energy level are called valence electrons.Varactor diodes are most commonly used in PM and TV receiver circuits. Doping is‘the addition of impurities to pure semi-conductor materials

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