Honda Common Electronic Four-Wheel Steering Diagnosis and Service Manual

Honda Common Electronic Four-Wheel Steering Diagnosis and Service Manual is for all of the owners of the honda common. Service and adjustments on 4WS systems with adjustable sensors must be performed precisely as explained in the vehicle manufacturer’s service manual. Inaccurate sensor adjustments may cause improper rear wheel steering operation, and this may result in reduced steering control. Always follow the service and adjustment procedures carefully and accuratelyThe 4WS control unit stores a fault code and illuminates the 4WS indicator light if a defect occurs in the system, even if the defect is temporary. Always ask the customer about the conditions that caused the 4WS indicator light to come on, and duplicate this condition during a road test. If the 4WS light is not illuminated during the road test, the system is satisfactory electronically and does not require further electronic diagnosis. The troubleshooting procedures in the vehicle manufacturer’s service manual assume that the problem is present at the time of diagnosis.

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