Tutorial Creating a Learner Centered Syllabus

you come here to get Tutorial Creating a Learner Centered Syllabus that we provide in pdf file format. this tutorial will guide you to create the centered syllabus that we hope this book will useful. Allow students to have input into entire syllabus. Students interview each other about what they want to learn and teacher puts that information on the board/newsprint. Teacher brings a DRAFT syllabus to the class and distributes. Given all this, how should the course be revised.Discuss classroom climate the first day of class. Have students talk about a class in which they learned a lot and one where they didn't learn much. Have them free write on the conditions that could create a good learning climate. Have students complete sentence stems relating to climate written on newsprint and placed around the room. Revisit whatever principles are developed and assess their presence, absence, and quality of the condition. (Consider putting these comments into the syllabus.)

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